SmartSound Strata Series Music Libraries

SmartSound Strata Series Music Libraries (127 Discs)
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Сборник звуковых треков для оформления вашего фильма.
Библиотеки SmartSound используются программой Sonicfire Pro.
Содержание Коллекции:
Aesthetics New Rock
Crime Scene
Goofy, Silly & Sweet
A Change of Seasons
A New Era
Acid Jazz Vol 1
Adrenaline Rush
All About The Blues
Almost Unplugged
Alternating Currents
Alternative Energy
Alternative Maximum
Atmospheric Energy
Atmospheric Jazz
Blue Waters
Chill Down
Chilled & Shaken
Christmas Treasures
Cinema Standards
Climate Control
Coffee House Rules
Competitive Edge
Contemporary Country
Core Foundations
Core Sessions
Corporate Ambition
Corporate Identity
Corporate Ladder
Corporate Undercurrents
Def Desert Dancing
Determined Biz
Distant Worlds
Dose Of Reality
Dramatic Explorations
Dreams and Whispers
Dub Factor
Easy Living
Eclectic Beats
Eclectic Lounge
Edge Breakbeat
Edgy Drama TV
Emotional Depth
Emotional Journeys
Energy Zone
Epic and Fanfare
Ethereal Dreams
Ethnic Infusion
Fantasy Magic and Suspense
Fashion and Entertainment
Fearless Energy
Foreboding Episodes
Forward Momentum
Guitar Grooves
Guitar Shop
Heartland Rock
Heroic Overtures
Home & Garden
Hymns Revisited
Independent Thinking
Indie Spirit
Industrial Documentary
International Traditions
Investigative Journalism
Jangle Pop
Jazz Synergy
Kids and Tweens
Land Of Wonder
Lasting Memories
Latin Blend
Lifestyles — New Age
Light Speed
Lighter Than Air
Minimum Exposure
Modern Rock
Narration Backgrounds
Narrative Impulse
Natural Progressions
Nature Trails
News Flash
News Themes
Night Grooves
Nu Jazz
Nu Skool
On The Record
Outside The Lines
Play Time
Poignant Reflections
Pop Beds 1
Pop Beds 2
Pop Flight
Pop Quiz
Positive Acoustics
Positive Biz
Prime Time Drama
Primetime Pop
Questionable Motives
Quiet Storm
Reality Drama TV
Reflective Memory
Retro Brit Invasion
Retro Party
Rocking Retro
Salsa Picante
Screening Room
Serene Dream
Sinister Cinema
Slam Funk
Smooth Grooves
Southern Accents
Spanish Heart
Spiritual Outreach
Spring Cleaning
Story Lines
Street Scene
Theatrical Impact
Time Remembered
Travel & Leisure
Tres Jolie
Turn Up The Heat
Urban Hustle
World Cinema
Worlds Apart
Youthful Discretion


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