MCP — Four Seasons (Photoshop Actions)

MCP — Four Seasons
5 Different Photoshop ANT | Video Tutorial | 20.8 Mb
Info: От утренних весенних дымок до золотых летних закатов. Каждый сезон предоставляет свой собственный уникальный вид для ваших фотографий. С действиями MCP Four Seasons ™ установленными в Photoshop, вы можете ускорить работу, добавляя только правильное сезонное настроение для ваших изображений. Пакет Four Seasons является нашим наиболее полным. Включает 108 действий, вдохновленных тонами весны, лета, осени и зимы.
From misty spring mornings to golden summer sunsets, each season lends its own unique feel to your photos. With the MCP Four Seasons™ Photoshop actions set, you can speed up your workflow while adding just the right seasonal mood to your images. The Four Seasons package is our most comprehensive yet. It has 108 actions inspired by the tones Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

• SPRING SPLENDOR : (20 actions): Embrace the hushed hues of a spring morning with a base action that highlights the clean, crisp colors of spring. Then give your photos a fresh look with actions that add the perfect amount of soft haze, sweet vintage tones, or subtle rays of sunlight.
• SUMMER SOLSTICE : (20 actions): Start with a base action that adds bold contrast and a sunlit feel to your images. Then choose from a variety of actions that make summery colors pop, whether it’s the bright hues of a beach party or the muted pastels of a seaside resort.
• AUTUMN EQUINOX : (21 actions): Bring out the golden light and bold colors of fall with a base action that adds instant warmth and richness. From soft mattes to subtle vignettes, the autumn actions can enhance the deep reds or chestnut browns of the season—or magically transform any location into a fall festival.
• WINTER WHIRLWIND : (22 actions): Convert your image into a classic black-and-white with just the right amount of contrast. Then customize it with rich plum hues, warm chocolate tones, a soft haze, or even a flurry of snowflakes. Switch back to color with one click, or adjust the opacity for an antique look.
• SEASON EXTRAS: This 25 action bonus pack is included with each season so the fine-tuning tools are always at hand. Sharpen eyes, fix color, recover highlights and more with a few quick clicks! …And So Much More!
• Video Tutorial!

В дополнение к четырем базовым действиям рабочего процесса, вы получаете 44 действия тонировки, восемь смешивания, 27 сезонных отделочных эффектов и 25 важнейших действий, для тонкой настройки параметров изображения.
In addition to four base workflow actions, you get 44 layered toning actions, eight mix and match actions, 27 season-inspired finishing effects and 25 essential actions to fine-tune your images.

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