Digital Film Tools Light 3.5 For Photoshop

Плагин может добавлять/накладывать реалистичный свет, тени из обильной библиотеки. Есть и ручные настройки.

Light can be added to a scene where none existed before just as if you were adding light at the time of shooting. Realistic lighting and shadow is introduced using the entire pattern/ gobo library.

Features :
GAM PATTERN LIBRARY | Normally used in front of lights during photography, these same exact patterns can now be applied digitally to the entire image or inside a selection. There are 567 patterns to choose from including blendables, breakups, Christmas, cityscapes and towns, clouds, fences and openings, fire and water, flags, flowers, foliage, holidays and symbols, moons, natural elements, religion, signage, sky and stars, spirals, spotlights and pinspots, stones and brick, structures and sets, themes, trees, vignettes and windows

GAMCOLOR GELS | Photographers, cinematographers and lighting designers use colored filters or gels in front of lights. Whether they want to create a romantic moonlit setting or a vicious, angry fight, they have the colors they need to achieve the effect. Digital equivalents of the lighting gels created by GAMPRODUCTS, INC. can now be applied to your light source.The GamColor system divides the visible spectrum into nine color sections convenient to the lighting designer. It is a circular classification of colors by hue, referencing the primaries, secondaries and important subdivisions.

The GamColor gels are arranged according to this system, making it easy to locate any color in a logical manner. For detailed information about GAM Patterns and Gels, you can visit their website at

MIST, FOG, GLOW | Light! can also simulate popular glass camera filters like Mist and Fog filters as well as glow effects. Fog is simulated by providing a soft, misty atmosphere over selected parts of the image

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