net Magazine Issue 209 – December 2010

The UK’s leading magazine for web designers and developers.
?We rely on collaborations with all manner of people to make .net the magazine it is today?
Collaboration is a driving force in web design and development, and without it this magazine wouldn?t be worth its weight in beans. (We rely on collaborations with all manner of people to make .net the magazine it is today!)
And it?s with this in mind that we bring you not one, but two fantastic gifts this month. First, we?ve partnered with Carsonified (the lovely team behind the likes of FOWA and FOWD) to bring you more than two hours of CSS3 training from its video courses at Think Vitamin Membership ? highly recommended!
We?ve also had the pleasure of collaborating with the .net Award-nominated design and development agency DeepBlueSky, who built the browser support resource We?ve collated key info from findmebyIP into an A2 poster, which should provide a quick reference for anyone confused by which browser supports what.
Enjoy the gifts, and enjoy the issue!
John Gruber, the man behind Daring Fireball, talks about his ?auteur theory of design?, coding for ancient browsers and the future of Markdown, his text-to-HTML converter
Amaze with CSS3 animations
As an across-the-board shift towards open standards continues, Craig Grannell asks designers at the cutting edge how best to animate web pages using CSS3
A guide to Facebook privacy
Mind how you go when you?re dealing with real user data from Facebook. Toby Beresford of Nudge Social Media explains how to keep within the rules
Master type for the web
Elliot Jay Stocks explains the fundamentals of web typography and introduces some advanced techniques
Link users to geolocation data
Christopher Schmitt, author of CSS Cookbook, explains how to use the HTML5 GeoLocation jQuery Plugin
Master the Flexible Box model
Peter Gasston explains how to lay out a simple web page using the new CSS3 Flexible Box model.



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