Autumn Chillout Lounge (Colorful Background Moods for Special Moments) (2014)

Title Of Album: Autumn Chillout Lounge (Colorful Background Moods for Special Moments)
Year Of Release: 2014
Genre: Lounge, Chill Out
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Total Time: 02:14:04
Total Size: 309 mb

01. Falling Leaves (Intro Mix) — Liquid Spirit
02. Summer Cools Down (Whispering Piano Chillout Mix) — Lounge Flight
03. You Wanna (Ibiza Chill Mix) — Lounge Vargos
04. Painted Red (Buddha Beach Bar Mix) — Brandy Loungetta
05. October Shades — 4Tunes
06. Miss You All the Same (Grande Lounge Mix) — Ariana Henderson
07. Instead of You (Endless Summer Jam Mix) — Blue Lagoona
08. Autumn Eyes (Lazy Chill Mix) — Café Vintage
09. The Power of Goodbye (Chill Mix) [feat. Rainfairy] — Dreamlounger
10. Here and Now (American Flute Mix) — Audio Elastique
11. Ask the Rain (Chill Lounge Del Mar Mix) [feat. Princess Stelar] — Soleil Fisher
12. Beneath These Falling Leaves (Bali Mix) — Wayang
13. I Can’t Stay (Sunlovers Mix) — Electric Soul
14. Whatever (Dick Moby Space Voco Mix) — Sevastopol
15. Where Are You Now (Kandi Hotel Mix) [feat. Hed] — Hirudo
16. Dubby Sunset Sky at Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza Beach Mix) — Lea Perry
17. Capture the Sun — Cooltrane
18. Great Gig in the Sky (Moon Floyd Beach Mix) — Noisy Blue
19. Privateering (Beautiful Surpise Mix) — Orange Ocean
20. Foolished Heart — Loungeotic
21. IEnergize (Stereo Love Mix) [feat. Rainfairy] — Lounge Pilots
22. Falling Down — Sven van Paapen
23. Last Summer Day (Simply Melancholic Mix) — Tidalis
24. Light up the Dark (Liquid Soul Mix) — The Sheeran
25. Another Day (Orchestra Mix) — Chilhouette
26. You’re Not There (Brighter Than the Sun Mix) — Rainfairy
27. Adagio for Strings (Chill Mix) — Freecastle Inc.

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