The Ultimate Grindhouse Collection V2 — Project for After Effects (Videohive)

The Ultimate Grindhouse Collection V2 — Project for After Effects (Videohive)
After Effects Version CS5 — CC | Resizable | 8 March 2013 | No plug-in | 1,96 Gb
Глядя на все эти маттес, звуки, смеси, проекты и элементы конструктора, вы безусловно, понимаете ценность этого набора. Будь вы режиссер, редактор, дизайнер, аниматор или композитор, здесь есть много элементов для вашего изучения и использования! Простая настройка — Drag & Drop! U-создайте свой кинематографический опыт! ПОЛНАЯ СВОБОДА кинопроизводства! Множество инструментов для анимции, редактирования, смешения! Все, что вы слышите и видите в видео Preview входит в набор за исключением кадров из “Guys & Guns”. К сожалению, что кадры стоят миллионы!
Looking at all the Mattes, Sounds, Mixes, Projects and Designer Elements, you should certainly realize the value of this Bundle. So whether you are a filmmaker, editor, designer, animator, compositor, there is plenty of elements here for your to explore and utilize!Simple Drag & Drop Setup! U-Create Your MovieMaking Experience! FULL FILMMAKING FREEDOM! MANY TOOLS FOR YOU TO ANIMATE, COMPOSITE, EDIT, MIX! Everything you hear and see in the Video Preview is included inside the Bundle with the exception of footage from “Guys & Guns”. Sorry, that footage is worth Millions!


• Over 175 Obnoxious & Obscene SFX
• FULL Sound Mix for Entire GrindHouse Project, included separate Sound Mixes for Each project.
• Retro Music & Sound Elements
• INCLUDES: Premiere Pro CS5 & Up, FCP7, & FCPX Projects Full Edit Mix! So create the sounds and mix however you want.
• Contains 6 Nasty Projects & Then Some!
with Gritty 3D Handheld Camera Moves all mapped by Real Camera Data! including: Burn Out Project The Pulp Strip Project Reel Burns Project Guys & Guns Project (only footage not included) The Grindhouse Poster Smash Project Credit Reel Project Also includes Retro Ad Breaks Retro Cinema Bumpers
Extensive Video Tutorials!


• Film Burns
• Fire Mattes
• Fire Burst Mattes
• Blood Mattes
• Projector Backs
• Light Leaks
• Ink Run
• Ink Drops
• Scratch Mattes
• Splice Workprint Cuts
• MetalHead
• Grinder

Film Controllers 25 Color Presets including Switcher Lens Grime Mixer Sprocket Controller Reel Controller Camera Quake
Render Estimates Per Project 16GB RAM/Quad Core (2008) All Estimates are for 1080 Renders Smaller Renders such as 720p will have faster time results, as well as faster machines A Render Booster Option is provided to help speed up render times. The Poster Smash is 3 minutes running time so that will take a bit to render.

• Opening Credits (1080p): 2hrs
• Burn Out (1080p): 4-5hrs
• The Pulp Strip (1080p): 3hrs
• Reel Burns (1080p): 4-5hrs
• Guys & Guns (1080p): 1-2hrs
• Poster Smash (1080p): 9-10 hrs
• Credit Strip (1080p): 6hrs
• The Project is also broken into smaller sizes on a per project basis.
• NO PLUGINS REQUIRED – 100% After Effects Built-in FX!
• User-Friendly Quicktime Format. Compatible with all Operating Systems!
• All Fonts used in the project are linked to a PDF file.
• Music is NOT included

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