Wind Of Buri — Main Series Mixes (2012)

Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: Wind Of Buri — Main Series Mixes
Жанр: New Age, Ambient, Chillout, Spacesynth
Год выпуска: 2012
Количество треков: 13
Формат | Качество: mp3 | 320 kbps
Время звучания: 16:06:29
Размер файла: 2.25 Gb


New Year & Christmas Mix 2012 (00:56:56)
01.Jonn Serrie — O Holy Night
02.Denean — Away In The Manger
03.Medwyn Goodall — God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
04.Nicholas Gunn — Ave Maria
05.Mannheim Steamroller — Christmas Lullaby
06.Celtic Woman — O Holy Night
07.Enya — The Spirit Of Christmas Past
08.Gregorian — Last Christmas
09.Mars Lasar — Our Christmas
10.Loreena McKennitt — The Wexford Carol
11.Moya Brennan — In The Bleak Midwinter
12.Sarah Brightman — Child In A Manger
13.Nana Mouskouri — White Christmas
14.Ernesto Cortazar — Christmas Stockings
15.Jim Brickman — Holy Holy Holy

The Dance Of Lonely Wind (Violin & Cello) (01:15:17)
01.Daniel Deng & Zhang Yi — The Lake Flowing Flowers
02.Stamatis Spanoudakis — For A While
03.Gandalf — Citadel (Part 1)
04.Loreena McKennitt — La Serenissima
05.Hans Zimmer — Election By Adoration (Violin Solo By Joshua Bell) (OST From ‘Angels & Demons’)
06.Michael Hoppe With Alyssa Park — Ave Maria
07.Garry Schyman — Eleanor’s Lullaby (OST From ‘Bioshok 2′ VG)
08.Secret Garden — Adagio
09.Joshua Bell — Op. 34, No. 14 (Rachmaninoff)
10.Paul Schwartz — Lux Aeterna
11.Kevin Kern — Childhood Remembered
12.Nicholas Gunn — Bridal Falls
13.Kenio Fuke — Summer’s Love
14.Yanni — The End Of August
15.Bandari — Danny Boy New
16.Jeremy Soule — The Streets of Whiterun (OST From ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ VG)
17.Deviations Project — Medication
18.Greendjohn — Happy Sadness
19.Fox Amoore — The Lake
20.Diego Modena & Eric Coueffe — Roses For Jiang Ling

Faces Of The Universe (Face Of Inspiration) (01:17:28)
01.Delerium — Tectonic Shift
02.Jonas Kroon — Zanzibar
03.Guy Sweens — Arrows Of Desire
04.Amethystium — Enchantment
05.Blue Stone — Innocence
06.Crystal Secret — New Age
07.Bryan El — Solaris
08.Ambient Generation — Perplex
09.Alexander V. Mogilco — Road Music III
10.Guido Negraszus — The Great Warrior
11.Edelis — Talking With Wind
12.Mythos — Sunless Sea
13.Nacho Sotomayor — Peccatores Justifica
14.Magna Canta — Ritmo
15.Enigma — Push The Limits

Faces Of The Universe (Face Of Force) (01:14:56)
01.Mike Andrews — Oxygene 2001 (Part 2)
02.CJ Rise — Dreamscape
03.Galactic Warriors — Overdrive
04.Staffan Ohman — The Return Of Space Raiders (Remix)
05.CJ Rise — Feel The Space
06.Cyber Space — Sonar Exploration
07.Everdune — Star Visions
08.Antalio — Space Taxi 2011
09.Abbsynth — Space Wanderer (Extended)
10.Galactic Warriors — Return To Atlantis
11.John Carpenter — The End (Disco Version)
12.Galaxy Hunter — Feel The Love Inside
13.Everdune — Beyond The Horizon
14.Phobotrax — Star Patrol
15.Prodomo — Convoy

Doss Of Light (Piano) (01:19:04)
01.Chris Spheeris — Desires Of The Heart
02.Zeus Faber — Moonwater
03.Fox Amoore — Relive
04.Al Conti — Longing For You
05.Kenio Fuke — Espheras
06.David Lanz — Tears For Alice
07.Kevin Kern — Pastel Reflections
08.Fiona Joy Hawkins — For The Roses
09.ATB — Trinity
10.Bill Douglas — Noble Heart
11.Michael Hoppe — October
12.Dmitry Krasnouhov — Posviashenie
13.Serge Mazerand — Moon Glow (Clair De Loon)
14.The Flanger Sound — Tesla’s Dream
15.Yanni — To The One Who Knows
16.Masaji Watanabe — Dyed Lapis Lazuli
17.Yuhki Kuramoto — With A Soft Song
18.Ludovic Bource — Comme Une Rosee De Larmes (OST From ‘The Artist’)
19.Jim Brickman — Israel

Faces Of The Universe (Face Of Freedom) (01:16:33)
01.Zero-project — Nocturne
02.Yuhki Kuramoto — Noble Mind
03.2002 — Beauty & Grace
04.Mike Andrews — Just A Love Song
05.E.S. Posthumus — Nivaos Pi
06.Greendjohn — Rebirth
07.Trevor Jones — Would You Like To Join Me (OST From ‘Dark City’)
08.Paul Schwartz — Auguries of Innocence (Part 2)
09.Fox Amoore — Waltz Of The Spirits (Feel Edition)
10.Logos — Marie
11.Secret Garden — Elegie
12.Guido Negraszus — The Glory
13.Yanni — Adagio In C Minor
14.Epos — All Saints Day (Classic Mix)
15.Michael Hoppe — Renouncement (With The Prague Symphony)
16.Vangelis — Eternal Alexander (OST From ‘Alexander’)
17.X-Ray Dog — The Prophet

Existence (Colored Mists) (01:15:54)
01.Dreamcatcher — Falling For You
02.Myth — Shackera
03.Enigmatic Obsession — The Delta Of The Red River
04.Edelis — Fly My Wish
05.Australis — Adventus Sortis
06.Delerium — Flatlands
07.Oak Shine — Mystic Voice
08.Ethereal Pilgrim — K’ank’in
09.Amethystium — Outro
10.AmBeam — Love Supreme
11.Mythos — Purity
12.Ryan Farish — Miles Away
13.Alexander V.Mogilco — Indian Ocean Beauty
14.Nacho Sotomayor — Go
15.Schiller — Freiheit
16.Traces — Jungle Voodoo

A Dream Of The Old Pier (Violin & Cello) (01:17:08)
01.Can Atilla — Yildizlar Altinda
02.Secret Garden — Frozen In Time
03.Yuhki Kuramoto — Warm Affection (Violin Version)
04.Angelo Badalamenti — Rose’s Theme (Variation) (OST From ‘The Straight Story’)
05.Michael Hoppe With Martin Tillman — Moon Ghosts (For Aldous Huxley)
06.Harry Gregson-Williams — Dawn (OST From ‘Life In A Day’)
07.Aria — Horizon
08.Der Blaue Reiter — Prison Of Desire
09.Max Richter — Sunlight
10.Stamatis Spanoudakis — Animnoumen, Loge (To You My Lord)
11.Bandari — Misty River
12.Diego Modena & Eric Coueffe — Amalia
13.Kevin Kern — Once In The Long Ago
14.Bill Douglas — Open Sky
15.Omar — Angel Of Hope
16.Ottmar Liebert — Yasmeen (Orchestral Version)
17.Oliver Shanti & Friends — Infinite Longing
18.Daniel Deng & Zhang Yi — The Luhu Lake At The Foot Of The Mountain

Azure Dust (01:19:44)
01.Jonn Serrie — Evening Shade
02.Mike Andrews — Neon Dreams
03.Jeff Oster — Released
04.Stamatis Spanoudakis — Harama (Dawn)
05.Thierry David — A New Memory
06.Mark Dwane — Genetic Drift
07.Jeff Oster — 53 Mirrors (Vocal Mix)
08.Vangelis — Blade Runner Blues (OST From ‘Blade Runner’)
09.Roedelius — Nackt
10.Biomusique — Redemption
11.Paul Horn & Steven Halpern — Amber Light
12.Bersarin Quartett — Jedem Zauber Wohnt Ein Ende Inne
13.Bliss — Lento
14.Uman — Atmosphere

Susceptible Spirit (01:13:08)
01.Enya — Na Laetha Geal M’oige
02.Marcome — Memoria
03.Himekami — Kaze Ni Kieta Uta
04.Isgaard — The Queen
05.Sarah Brightman — Scene D’Amour
06.Loreena McKennitt — Stolen Child (Live Version)
07.Bliss — A Hundred Thousand Angels
08.Marcome — From Within
09.Alex M.O.R.P.H Feat. Hannah — When I Close My Eyes
10.Roger Subirana Mata — Emishineiba
11.Paul Schwartz Feat. Lisbeth Scott — Fear Not
12.SToa — So Many Clouds
13.Trobar De Morte — A Fairies Song
14.Ashana — Only You In My Heart
15.Laura Wright — Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal
16.Amethyste — Pie Jesu
17.John Williams Feat. Lara Fabian — For Always

Bare Words (01:08:43)
01.Jam & Spoon Feat. Midge Ure — Something To Remind Me
02.Schiller Mit Unheilig — Sonne (Video Version)
03.Scooter — Stripped
04.Iris — Vacant (Per-Anders Kurenbach Mix)
05.Jakatta Feat. Seal — My Vision (Summer In White Edit)
06.Tenishia Feat. Ivan Grech — Ghost Of Love
07.Alex M.O.R.P.H Feat. Christian Burns — Secret Universe
08.Roger Shah With Armin Van Buuren Feat. Chris Jones — Going Wrong (Album Version)
09.Iris — Disintegrate
10.Paul Oakenfold — Time Of Your Life
11.Alex M.O.R.P.H. Feat. Michael — Wanna Be (Album Extended Vocal Mix)
12.Ronski Speed Feat. Alexander Perls — White Flame
13.Chris Zippel Feat. Adel Tawil — Again
14.Cinnamon Chasers — Ultraviolent
15.Owl City — The Real World

Sea Sister (01:18:24)
01.Amberfern — White Sales, Blue Sea
02.Inkarnation — Stream Of Devotion
03.Kattoo — Equilibration
04.2002 — A Dream Twilight
05.Aeoliah — Angels Of Consecration
06.Mirage Of Deep — Velvet Horizon
07.Peter Sterling — Enchantments Awakening
08.Ron Allen & One Sky — Eternal
09.Karl Maddison — Wishing Wheel
10.Klaus Schonning — Glimpses Of Sound
11.Runestone — Of Swords & Sorcery
12.Michael Reimann — Sinnliches Verlangen
13.Primal Instinct — Sacred Chant
14.Daniel Deng — Innocence
15.Gregor Theelen — United With The Sea
16.Weathertunes — Healing Water
17.Stephen Sicard & Michel Pepe — Le Lotus Sacre

Afterglow In Dreamland (01:13:14)
01.Karunesh — Beyond Time
02.2002 — A Change Of Season
03.Fox Amoore — The Forest
04.Steve Wingfield & Dr. Lee R. Bartel – Deepening Blue
05.Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris — Many Heavens
06.Secret Garden — Song For A New Beginning
07.Kenio Fuke — Enchanted Forest
08.Michele Mclaughlin — Into The Sunset
09.Reuben Halsey — At The End We Find Peace
10.Yuhki Kuramoto — Elysium
11.Daridan — A Thousand Words
12.Bandari — First Rose In Spring
13.Steven Sharp Nelson — Beautiful Savior
14.Kevin Kern — Passages
15.Bronn Journey — Love Story (Where Do I Begin)
16.Rhaban Ali Shai — Silence


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