Wireframe Sketch Sheets — MediaLoot

Wireframe Sketch Sheets — MediaLoot | 10.1 Mb
These PDFs are perfect for anybody who does a lot of sketching on random sheets of paper. Included are 10 printable templates for website designs, and iPhone and iPad app mockups. Just print a few copies out on to either A4 or US Letter size paper and sketch away. The designs are proportional and use a grid of 32 pixel squares for guidance and straightforward translation to Photoshop or Fireworks etc. when you are finished.
Included in the package are A4 and US Letter size PDFs of the following 10 variations:
Web — 1 Screen — Guides
Web — 1 Screen — Blank
Web — 4 Screens — Guides
Web — 4 Screens — Blank
iPhone — 3 Screens — Guides
iPhone — 10 Screens — Blank
iPad — 1 Screen — Guides
iPad- 1 Screen — Blank
iPad — 4 Screens — Guides
iPad — 4 Screens — Blank

Download free Wireframe Sketch Sheets — MediaLoot:

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